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‘I Promessi Sposi’ in Europe and the world
The online exhibition ‘I Promessi Sposi’ in Europe and the World is intended to showcase the bibliographical heritage of the Centro Nazionale di Studi Manzoniani, in particular the non-Italian editions of the novel’s 1827 version, through use of the MOVIO platform developed by the ICCU and made available by the Italian Ministry for the Arts and Culture, which allows online exhibits to be curated via an open source kit.
The exhibition, devised and co-ordinated by Paola Italia, was put together by a group of Modern Literature degree course students in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of La Sapienza University in Rome, namely Stefano Cristelli, Simone Nieddu, Giulia Pace and Beatrice Pecchiari, as part of a special project which constitutes a digital development of the work done by Mariarosa Bricchi in her essay entitled Fortuna editoriale dei ‘Promessi sposi’, recallsìing the fundamental stages in the diffusion of Manzoni’s work throughout Europe (in particular translations and reviews).
The exhibition can be browsed according to five different pathways, based on the translations published in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States respectively. Each pathway focuses on the people, locations and particular situations, and allows visitors to follow the novel’s fortunes, appreciating its rapid and wide-ranging success following its first publication in printed form, as documented by the numerous editions which spread quickly throughout Europe and, as a result of its successive translations into the leading European languages, the rest of the world as well.

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